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Applications Open - Australian Future Cotton Leaders Program

  • 11 April 2018
  • Author: Jo Eady
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Applications Open - Australian Future Cotton Leaders Program

The Australian Future Cotton Leaders Program is now open and accepting applications for the 2018 program.  RuralScope is pleased to be facilitating this program for the 6th time for Cotton Australia in partnership with the Cotton Research and Development Corporation.

Designed by industry for industry, this integrated program has a number of key achievements including an alumni of almost 100.

Read on for information about the program and for how to apply details. And for graduate testimonials.   

And please pass on this information to those you think may be interested - sometimes all it takes is a tap on the shoulder!  



Key achievements include;

  • Almost 100 graduates 
  • Graduate leadership roles include - Cotton Australia board, Presidents of Cotton Grower Associations, Cotton Conference Committee, Australian Cotton Shippers Association as well as a range of management / leadership roles in cotton growing and shipping businesses.
  • Pathway for Nuffield Australia and Australian Rural Leadership Programs as well as for a range of scholarship programs such as The Peter Cullen Trust.
  • Independently evaluated as the best value for money cotton industry leadership program 

We'd love to hear from you if you are interested in developing your potential and this opportunity might be of interest.  The program focuses on building the foundations of leadership through personality and communication tools, setting goals, linking with industry leaders and applying your skills to a real life / real time project.

Scroll down to download a copy of the 2018 Australian Future Cotton Leaders Program Information Kit and the 2018 Australian Future Cotton Leaders Program.  APPLICATIONS CLOSE FRIDAY 4 MAY 2018. 

Read what graduates say about the program here

Amy Billsborough, Griffith - NSW 

“Do yourself a favour and jump at this opportunity! This course is more a journey, its challenging, confronting, motivating all in one, and better yet you get to work alongside some of the brightest young people in the industry. This course really helped me plant my feet, it gives you the ability to learn about all different functions of the industry and provides you with really great friendships along the way. On a personal note, it can be life changing.  You learn about yourself, your present environment, your goals, and most importantly how you can reach them. I encourage you to give this a go, it provides you with confidence & esteem to open your eyes to bigger things & to an array of people to help you along your very own journey.”

Matt Norrie, Narrabri - NSW 

“The Future Cotton Leaders Course is more than an industry leadership program, it’s a course that creates change and focus within your business or career whilst providing the self-development tools to do so. The highlight of the course for me was the one on one contact with industry leaders & peers, there are some amazing people in this industry & the course provided me with new networks from Emerald to Griffith. The cotton industry has to be the most exciting & well-resourced ag industry in Australia and this course gave me the confidence to really engage & make a difference past the farm gate. Do yourself and the industry a favour and get amongst it!”

Fleur Anderson, Theodore - QLD 

“It’s been over 6 years since I completed the Future Cotton Leaders Course and I am still feeling the effects! The course challenged and inspired me to really question what my role was in the industry and how I could make a difference. The things I have gained from the course and the other participants, I feel advanced me about 5 years down the road of my career in the cotton industry and role in the community. I am more confident in myself and my role in the industry and more equipped to take my ideas and vision to the next level. I was in threat of becoming a ‘course junkie’ but this really has filled the gap that other courses can’t deliver, its leadership in action. So be prepared to get your hands dirty and have a ball at the same time, you’re mad if you miss this opportunity!!”


Aaron Kiely, Emerald - QLD 

“This program has brought me a long way to better understanding where I want to go and how I can contribute to the cotton industry.  It’s improved my business, family life, time management and forward planning.  I am happy to have now taken on the President’s role of CHCGIA as well as attended the Australian Agrifutures GrowAg Forum and participated in the recent industry field trip – The Northern Australian RoadShow.  I never thought I would have come so far in the industry in two years."

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Jo Eady

Jo EadyJo Eady

Jo Eady has been Director at RuralScope for almost 20 years. Her passion for helping people in agriculture and rural industries in all aspects of leadership flows through in the expert facilitation she provides.

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Full biography

Jo Eady has been Director at RuralScope for almost 20 years. Her passion for helping people in agriculture and rural industries in all aspects of leadership flows through in the expert facilitation she provides. In addition, Jo is a strategist, coach and educator supporting individuals, groups, organisations and industries in the development of their people. Results include increased leadership and productivity via customised people capability plans. Jo is an optimist, avid reader and loves to travel. She enjoys playing tennis, gardening and cooking up a storm for family and friends.

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